Velektronik workshop: "Analysis 4 Trusted Electronics 2022" at this year's ESREF conference in September 2022.

The current tense global political situation as well as ongoing bottlenecks in global supply chains make trustworthy electronics a key topic for research and industry. Analysis methods and security features to safeguard functional and information technology safety (Safety & Security) as well as effective copy protection are indispensable tools to ensure the trustworthiness of microelectronic components even in turbulent times.

With the Velektronik workshop, the topic was also in focus at this year's ESREF: Around 50 participants from industry and research institutions exchanged views on current challenges and discussed novel approaches to solutions.

The presentation program included 14 papers in the areas of hardware security, counterfeit security, physically non-clonable functions and hardware Trojan detection. The workshop was organized by the "Analysis" pillar of the BMBF-funded platform project "Trustworthy Electronics - Velektronik" led by Frank Altmann, Fraunhofer IMWS, and Dr. Horst Gieser, Fraunhofer EMFT.

Our thanks go to the presenters and participants, and last but not least to the organizers of ESREF ( for their organizational support. The presentations will be available at For further discussions, suggestions and project inquiries, please feel free to contact and .