About Velektronik

The aim of the Velektronik project is to create a platform for the topic of "trustworthy electronics". It addresses overarching issues in the three pillars of the microelectronics value chain: design, manufacturing and analysis. For example, research will be conducted into trustworthy design methods, analysis processes and approaches for particularly trustworthy manufacturing processes for small series production. The envisaged platform will focus on the technological overview, contributions to the necessary standardization, the network of research and industry as well as the ultimate know-how in order to provide concrete answers with solution concepts to the increasing demand for higher trustworthiness in electronics. A strong practical orientation is ensured via an industry advisory board, so that strong industrial relevance and acceptance are guaranteed for the work.

If successful, technological sovereignty over trustworthy electronics for German industry and the public sector will be improved by a significant step. The indirect goal of the project is to effectively support companies and ensure the supply of trustworthy electronics.

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